whitecoffeepot is a site where I make NSFW tools.

This page is about the Overwatch Collection. For info on Rule34 Buddy click "About" on its page.

Overwatch Collection

The main piece of whitecoffeepot is the Overwatch Collection.

It is a collection of different videos that is made to be easy to use and simultaneously feature rich.

The following sections will describe the features of Overwatch Collection.

Video List

This button will allow you to get a full list of videos for a character. Just click the character you want to see on the left, or the Change button on the bottom, and you'll get a list where you can choose what video to watch.

Note that the list will be affected by your current filters. Advanced filters will not affect deselected characters.

Character List

This button brings up a sidemenu of all the characters from your selected series. Click the character you want to see a video of and you'll get a random video featuring her.

At the bottom there is also a checkbox that says "Futa" - if this is checked, the buttons will instead give a random video that features the futa version of that character. This also works when used with the Video List.

Again, your results for these buttons will be affected by your current filters.


This button brings up the options menu:

"Show Controls" will either show or hide the pause bar on each video.

"Hands-Free" will change the video after however many seconds you put in. "Always Loop Once" will make sure that the video plays once fully if it is longer than the amount of seconds you put in.

Changing any options in this section will affect all other pages (as long as you haven't cleared your cache).


Also part of the Options menu, here you can filter what characters and skins you do or don't want to see.

If any character is unchecked, you will never see any videos with them.

If you click on any character's name, you'll get a dropdown of all their skins. The same thing applies here: uncheck any skins you don't want to see, and check the ones you do want to see.

Advanced Filters

This is at the bottom of the Options menu.

The checkbox "Only videos with sound" will make sure you only get videos that have sound. If you're in Hands-Free mode you will have to manually unmute each video, this is something I currently can't change.

The Videos Filter list lets you filter what videos you see by type of content. "Yes" and "No" means you either will or will not see it; "Only" means all videos must have that type of content.

There is also the checkbox "Prioritize 'Yes' on Video Filters". With this enabled, any filter set to "No" will be ignored if the video also has content for a filter set to "Yes".

To clarify some of the filters:

"Ambiguous Penetration" is for videos that can't be distinguished between anal or vaginal.

"Gay Futa" is both solo Futa and videos where the Futa is receiving.

If there is any other confusion with filters please let me know.


This section gives information on what you've watched and what you're currently watching, such as who the artist is.

Certain videos with also have a "Related Videos" section, which are continuations or alternate versions of the video you're watching.


Video is infinitely loading?

If a video is infinitely loading, there are several possibilities:
1 - All videos are stored on RedGIFs, which is a registered porn website. If you live in a country that blocks porn, videos here will be blocked too (try using a VPN).
2 - If only one video is infinitely loading, it's possible that it was removed from RedGIFs. Please report it to me if you think this is the case.
If you are experiencing this and don't think it's caused by any of the above, please contact me.

Audio is muted?

If you're using hands-free mode, audio will be muted. Chrome and other popular web browser will prevent videos from auto-playing if they have audio and aren't muted. As a result, I must mute audio in hands-free mode and for the first video loaded in a session. Nothing I can really do here, sorry.

Hope you get some enjoyment from my website. If you have any bugs you want to report or videos that you think should be added, feel free to message me.